Symantec VERITAS Netbackup with DataDomain

Course Description
This programme of VERITAS Netbackup 7.X provides instruction on the advanced functionality of VERITAS Net Backup 7.x software and provides attendees hands on practice to configure Data Domain in Netbackup and recovery environments to reduce storage, network, and other backup resource requirements. The participants will obtain the excellence to undertake the challenges of working in Netbackup with Datadomain environment.

Course Code : RRB2 Category : Backup

Hardware: DD510 & DD530, Sun Sparc

Software : VERITAS Netbackup 7.0 on UNIX (Solaris 10)

This course is intended for system administrators, system engineers and technical support personnel, and system integration staff who are responsible for the design, performance optimization, and troubleshooting of VERITAS Net Backup.


Students should be familiar with the administration and configuration of the platforms, Netbackup & Storage. Basic understanding of Client Server concepts, Technical Understanding of Network Concepts, UNIX & Windows Platforms etc.

Course Outline

Symantec VERITAS Netbackup with DataDomain

  • Understanding Netbackup Environment
  • Essentials to use DeDuplication in Netbackup Environment
  • Describe deduplication
  • Describe the Data Domain operating environment, including Data Domain deduplication
  • Identify and configure Data Domain data paths
  • Perform a Data Domain system initial setup
  • Access and copy data to a Data Domain system
  • Configure and manage Data Domain network interfaces
  • Describe and configure a VTL
  • Customize and manage a Data Domain deduplication file system
  • Describe and perform data replication and recovery
  • Describe DD Boost
  • Perform a DD Boost backup
  • Describe capacity and throughput planning
  • Monitor a Data Domain system
  • Integrating Netbackup with Data Domain
  • Theoretical concepts on NDMP & Vault