SAN & IBM Total Storage DS6000 with SVC Administration

Course Description

This course provides attendees to learn about SAN fundamentals and the IBM Total Storage DS6000 storage subsystem and its hardware components and logical structure for Open Systems hosts. The participants will have hands on experience of configuring hosts and fixed-block LUNs for the DS6000 storage subsystem using a DS6000 Storage Manager GUI, and Copy services, SVC, review the DSCLI interface for scripting configuration functions,

Course Code:RRS13; Category: Storage; Hardware: IBMDS6000, Brocade Switches, IBM LPAR.


Anyone responsible for the system and network administrative duties considering SAN for their enterprises as well as application, developers and IT staff.


Technical Understanding of Network Concepts, UNIX, RAID etc.

Course Outline

Introduction to Storage Networking

  • Introduction to Storage Networking
  • Storage Architectures (DAS, NAS & SAN)
  • Protocols & Virtualization
  • Business Continuity (RTO & RPO)
  • Fibre Channels Introduction & Concepts
  • Installing and configuring Fiber Channel Switches.
  • Hands-on on Fiber Channel Switches (Brocade Switches).
  • Performing Zoning & Trunking on Brocade Switches.
  • Knowledge in switch firmware downgrade and upgrade.

IBM System Storage DS6000 Implementation

  • Hardware architecture of subsystems IBM System Storage DS6000
  • Virtualization concepts (Array Site, Array, Rank, Extent Pool, Logical Volume) and logical configuration
  • Hardware installation of a DS6000 and its management console
  • Hardware installation of a DS6000, its management console with software DS Storage Manager
  • Command line interface (CLI) description and usage
  • Graphical management interface (GUI) description and usage
  • DS6000 configuration with these two interfaces
  • Utilization of DS6000 systems from Open systems
  • Log and errors management
  • Code and management console software upgrade
  • Lab exercises with DS6000 with its disks expansions and management console hardware installation
  • DS6000 configuration with GUI and CLI interfaces form DS Storage Manager software
  • DS6000 integration in a SAN Fabric with different Open servers
  • DS6000 utilization from AIX servers

IBM System Storage DS6000 Copy Services for Open Systems

  • Copy Services concepts and evolution
  • FlashCopy overview and implementation
  • PPRC Technical overview: Metro Mirror (PPRC-Sync) and Global Copy (PPRC-XD)
  • Copy Services management with DS Storage manager (GUI) and DS CLI
  • Consistencies with PPRC and FlashCopy features; concept , commands and implementation
  • Failover and Failback considerations with Metro Mirror PPRC relations
  • Global Mirror overview.
  • Failover and Failback with Global Mirror session

SAN Volume Controller (SVC) - Planning and Implementation

  • Introducing the SAN Volume Controller
  • Storage Provisioning with the SAN Volume Controller
  • SAN Volume Controller Clustering Environment
  • SVC Cluster Setup and Basic Interfaces
  • SVC Physical Environment Planning
  • Storage Subsystem LUN Assignments
  • SVC Cluster Creation and Basic Interfaces
  • SAN Fabric Zoning and Multipath Management
  • SVC and Fabric Zoning
  • Accessing SVC vDisks: Host Perspective
  • SDD Path Selection and Management
  • Data Replication
  • FlashCopy and example scenarios
  • Metro/Global Mirroring and example scenarios
  • Managing the SVC Environment
  • SVC Console Administration and Management