Performance Optimization

In a shared computing, network and storage environment, business applications often contend for same resources which, if not properly managed, can result in poor response times leading to user frustration and productivity loss. Experience shows that:

  • 75% of performance issues are the result of poorly distributed workloads, or disruptive workloads or inappropriate application of technology or changing application requirements
  • 15% are resource sizing related issues
  • 5% are due to a expectation mismatch between users and technology capabilities
  • 5% are break-fix and other fault management related issues

    While there are many solutions available for individually managing Server, Network and Storage resources, optimizing application performance requires a comprehensive approach. Diagnosing and optimizing application performance requires analysis and correlation of configuration and performance data across all IT resources. This is labor-intensive and requires multi-domain expertise which is not easily available.

The Nexion Pro Performance Optimization Solution
The Nexion Pro performance optimization solution is designed to help optimize application performance by continually monitoring and dynamically reallocating Server, Storage and Network resources according to defined business criteria and priorities. The Nexion Pro performance optimization solution essentially encapsulates knowledge and best practices from multiple domains and provides a framework that orchestrates and automates otherwise disjointed processes that are also labor intensive.

Key Highlights

  • Application to spindle configuration and performance metric collection and storage facilitates remote analysis
  • On-demand performance diagnosis using stored history eliminates the need for reproducing faults for root-cause analysis
  • Business priority and workload analysis is used for recommending reconfiguration of IOPs and throughput
  • Workload analysis is used for bandwidth calculation for replication