Open Replicator Workshop

Course Description
This class will lead you through the terminologies and technologies used in Open Replicator. The combinations of modes of operation-Hot/Cold; Push/Pull; on-line/ off-line; will be covered in terms of definitions, restrictions/ limitations, command line operations and benefits/merits-and demerits. Lab activities will be limited to the use of EMC arrays. Non-EMC array considerations will be presented.

Course Code : RRS10 Category : Storage

Hardware: DMX, Brocade Switch, and Sun Sparc

Individuals who will perform ongoing migration tasks between EMC Storage arrays using Open Replicator.


  • Experience with Solaris operating systems
  • Ability to utilize host based GUI and/or command line interfaces to perform all hands-on labs
  • Experience with Symmetrix architecture, concepts, and theory of operations

 Course Outline

  • Identify potential opportunities for Open Replicator based Data Migration and Data Distribution
  • Setup and execute different combinations of Open Replication between EMC arrays
  • Understand in principle how to migrate data between EMC and supported 3rd party arrays


  • Lab 1: Basic setup, device identification, environment verification
  • Lab 2: Online (hot) data push
  • Lab 3: Online (hot) data pull
  • Lab 4: Off-line (cold) data push
  • Lab 5: Off-line (cold) data pull
  • Lab 6: Regulating data transfer speeds