Managing HP 3PAR Array Disk

Course Description
This training programme provides attendees hands on practice to 3PAR hardware and architecture along with giving administrators insight in to the constructs within the 3PAR array family. Students will explore Virtual Volumes and Thin Provisioning along with performing other administrative tasks. The class discusses local and remote data copies along with reporting, scheduling and space management. Hands-on lab exercises will help illustrate the concepts learned during the course. The participants will obtain the excellence to undertake the challenges of working in Data domain environment.

Course Code : RRS11 Category : Storage Hardware:HP-3Par, Brocade Switch, Sun Sparc

This course is intended for Storage Administrators and Implementers who will be responsible for implementing Storage solutions


Students should have an understanding of general storage concepts, preferably having studied Fibre Channel theory; and should at least be OS proficient at operator level

Course Outline

  • Basics of 3PAR Hardware Architecture
  • Numbering Schemes for the InServ Hardware Components
  • Data Flow and Communication Concepts in a 3PAR Node

HP P10000 3PAR Storage System

  • New Software Products and Enhancements
  • Thin Remote Copy

Virtual Volume (VV)

  • InFormOs Software Architecture
  • InFormOS RAID Concepts
  • Concepts of InServ Chunklets
  • InFormOS Logical Disks (LDs)
  • InFormOS VV

Managing Storage

  • Install InForm Management Console
  • Benefits of Thin Provisioning
  • Concepts of Thin Provisioning
  • Setting up a Common Provisioning Group (CPG)
  • Creating a Thin Provisioned Virtual Volume (TPVV)
  • Managing Alerts for CPG
  • Best Practices of CPG

Managing Storage with CLI

  • Online Help
  • Using 3PAR Technical Publications for Command Usage

Host Connectivity

  • Supported Operating Systems
  • Preparing a Host to Access a 3PAR Storage Array
  • Creating Hosts in a 3PAR Storage Array
  • Host Personas
  • Adding Fibre Channel (FC) Ports to a Host
  • Presenting VV to a Host

Autonomic Groups

  • Efficiencies of Autonomic Groups
  • Using Autonomic Groups to Simplify Provisioning Storage
  • Commands Supporting Autonomic Groups
  • Using 3PAR Technical Publications for Command Usage

Dynamic Optimization (DO)

  • Benefits of DO
  • Changing Volume Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) Level
  • Changing Volume Availability Level
  • Changing Volume Service Level
  • Reclaiming Unused LD Space

Space Management/Thin Technologies

  • Space Management Features
  • Administering VV Using the CLI to Manage Space

Virtual Copy (VC)

  • Benefits of VC
  • Creating a VC Volume
  • Rules Around VC Relationships
  • Using the InForm GUI to Manage VC

Virtual Domains

  • Concepts of Virtual Domains
  • User Privileges for Domains
  • Creating a Domain
  • Creating a Domain Object
  • Managing Domain Objects
  • Removing a Domain