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20 August 2014 Published in News Written by 

High Availability (HA)

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In this network communications era, the world expects High Availability in the form of always on services. Service disruptions are now headline news material. More importantly, downtime has a direct financial impact to business. Even conservative market research estimates for the average cost of each hour of unplanned downtime for "mission critical" applications start in the high tens of thousands of dollars. The impact to e-commerce and cloud computing related services is higher.The Nexionprol HA Solution

The Nexionpro HA solution comprehensively incorporates server, storage and network virtualization technologies, to provide an Active-Active HA implementation that manages resources end-to-end to ensure availability and resilience in a single package.

Key Highlights

  • Multi-site, multi-technology integration with tiered HA and DR architecture provides comprehensive replication and recovery for heterogeneous storage and Server Infrastructures
  • Application-Centric HA with end-to-end (Server, Storage and SAN) failover capability
  • Active-Active solution reduces costs by eliminating the need for passive nodes
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