Hitachi Enterprise Storage Administration

Course Description
This course mainly revolves around the cutting-edge Storage technologies of UNIX and Storage. This training programme provides a comprehensive introduction to Storage Administration in Hitachi Storage Product line technologies that will enable you to make more informed decisions in an increasingly complex IT environment. It builds a strong understanding of underlying storage technologies and prepares you to learn advanced concepts, technologies, and products
Course Code : RRS16 Category : Storage

Hardware: Hitachi Storage Simulator, Brocade Silkworm 3800, 3250, AP7420, and Sun Server FireV240. V120, Sun Blade 100 Workstations & Sun Solaris 10 OS.

This course is intended for system administrators, system engineers and technical support personnel, and system integration staff who are responsible for strong understanding of Storage Technologies.

Technical Understanding of Network Concepts, UNIX, RAID etc

Course Outline
Enterprise Hardware and Architecture ( USPV )

  • Identify fundamental differences in Hitachi Data Systems storage strategy compared with the competition (Internal architecture, disk architecture, cache operations, RAID use, and emulation types)

Resource Manager software

  • Describe the Hitachi Resource Manager Utility Package and what it is used for (Hitachi Storage Navigator program, volume management, machine management)

Hitachi Universal Volume Manager

  • Describe how to manage externally attached storage using the Hitachi Universal Volume Manager software

Hitachi Virtual Partition Manager Software

  • Describe how Hitachi Virtual Partition Manager software enables the logical partitioning of the Universal Storage Platform.

Hitachi ShadowImage In-System Replication Software

  • Describe the features, functions, and principles for Hitachi ShadowImage In-System Replication software bundle

Hitachi TrueCopy Remote Replication / Hitachi Universal Replicator Software

  • Describe the features, functions, and principles for Hitachi TrueCopy Remote Replication software bundle (example: synchronous versus asynchronous replication)

RAID Manager / CCI

  • Describe how to automate provisioning / replication using CLI

Hitachi HiCommand Device Manager Software

  • Describe how Hitachi HiCommand Device Manager software functions

Hitachi HiCommand Dynamic Link Manager Software.

  • Describe how Multipathing functions.

Hitachi HiCommand Tuning Manager.

  • Describe how Hitachi HiCommand Tuning Manager software functions