Disaster Recovery (DR)

According to a recent Forrester Research survey, 27% of global companies have declared at least 1 disaster in the past 5 years. Disruptions resulting from these disasters can have a serious impact on business including revenue and productivity loss, damage to business reputation or even compliance,SLA related penalties.Businesses do understand the need for DR but the complexity involved in choosing a DR solution that balances the needs of business with a manageable process that can be implemented and validated at a reasonable price, represents a formidable challenge to any IT staff. Consequently, many DR plans, products and implementations end up as shelf-ware and prove ineffective in the case of a real disaster. Additionally, typical passive node clustering solutions that just waitidly to takeover in case of a DR event are simply not cost effective and efficient.

The Nexion Pro DR Solution

The Nexion Pro DR solution comprehensively incorporates server, storage and network virtualization technologies, to provide an Active-Active DR strategy that works end-to-end to continuously ensure that all the various DR sites are synchronized at any given time. The system is designed to failover correctly based on RTO and RPO requirements when application performance falls below established parameters.
This approach allows the DR planning to be incorporated into the application and into IT resource allocation planning, design and implementation phases to ensure that the appropriate failovers occur to restore the application to its expected state when a disaster strikes.

Key Highlights

Multi-site, multi-technology integration with tiered DR architecture provides comprehensive replication and recovery for heterogeneous storage and Server Infrastructures Application-Centric DR with end-to-end (Server, Storage and SAN) failover capability.Active-Active solution reduces costs by eliminating the need for passive nodes.Enables testing and validation of DR configuration beforehand. Nexion Pro can design and provide solution for varied Tiers of Data Center. Including Type IV DC.