Bigdata & Hadoop

Bigdata & Hadoop is the growing technology which is still in development stage. Bigdata is an technology which has an ability to actually process the mountains of data quickly has not scaled as fast. Hadoop is the best tool available today for processing and storing herculean amounts of big data. Hadoop throws hundreds or thousands of computers at the big data problem, rather than using single computer. Hadoop can handle all types of various data from disparate systems like organized, unorganized, log files, images, audio files, communications records, email just about anything you can think of, in any format. Even when different types of data have been stored in unrelated systems, you can dump it all into your Hadoop cluster with no prior need for a schema. We can also say that, an organization or an individual dont need to know how you intend to query your data before you store it and hadoop will take care all about that. So the whole world is moving towards Bigdata & hadoop to do big. Nexion Pro have experts who can deliver trainings on Hadoop Development, Hadoop Administration and other Bigdata technologies.